My heart stops suddenly
As your face fills my vision.
Why does your presence do this to me?
Thoughts of surprise, and apprehension,
Fill my mind.
No air enters my lungs.

My heartbeat returns;
As you pass by,
Air rushes into my frozen lungs.
One brief moment has passed,
Yet…it felt like an eternity?
Your features flash across mind,
I could swear they held an expression similar to mine,
But I am afraid to hope.

The sun burns heat, and life
Into my cold, frozen limbs.
My body can’t seem to cease its trembling;
My heart now flutters uncertainly in my chest.
On unsteady legs I return to my seat,
The search is over.

How do I only find you
When I cease to search?
Why do you always find me,
Just, as I’ve given up the search?
My eyes scan the crowd once more,
For a glimpse,
Of your fleeting spectre.

Anxiety fades, and despair returns;
Once more,
I have failed to touch
Your tanned, smooth skin;
The unknown texture,
Of your curly locks,
Has yet again,
Eluded me.
Memories of you, of us,
I must search again!

I leave my seat,
Resisting the painfully powerful urge,
To run through the crowd.
I fear my imminent departure,
Will stop me
From ever seeing you again.
Just as I lose all hope,
I feel something in my soul;
I raise my eyes.

Without thinking,
I cross the distance which separates us.
I look into your eyes,
The connection is re-affirmed subconsciously.
It feels like we never parted.
My mind and heart sing gladly;
I have found you,
You, have found me,
We, have found ourselves.
The search,
Is complete.

Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron

June 11, 2011

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