Cool breezes hit my cheek
Stirring my hair,
Blowing away all signs
Of the previous night’s dreams.

I turn my head toward the open window,
Opening my eyes.
The new day greets me
In a form I have only previously imagined:

Red, orange, violet, purple, grey–
Dim streaks of yellow.
All fill the sky,
Painting it gloriously.
Each drop, each splash, each dab of colour;
Adds to the celestial image!

Old Man Sun returns–
Now casting his youthful glow.
Small tufts of grey cotton,
Float slowly across the sky,
Tickling his face.

I turn away from the scene
Of such colourful tranquility.
Peace settles in my soul,
A smile lingers on my face.
I close my eyes,

For the magnificent reminder,
Of carefree days and painless moments,
Drifting serenely–
Before I once more,
Step into the world
Of hurt, and quiet sorrows.

**Inspired by awakening early Monday morning, May 9th (before Agri 2) and catching a glimpse of the sunrise in its full and simple beauty….

Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron
May 15, 2011

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