Timeless Darkness


I sit in a world of my own
Almost prostrate within my inner darkness.
As each day passes,
As each night closes;
I am drawn closer to the hour;
The moment when all secret fears will be revealed.
The twilight moment,
Between the joy of living
And the sorrow of surviving.

The darkness closes in,
The inner darkness radiates;
Their foreplay ends.
What is revealed?
My naked agony…

Each vulnerable thought
Each careless word
Every unforgotten pain
All fruitless desires
Unrequited love
Lost friendships.

Dawn steps lightly toward me;
Light returns, bit by bit.
My constant companion,
My beloved sweetheart,
My worst enemy,
The source of my sorrows–sweet darkness–

The darkness has fled.
Once more I am in the joy of living;
Happy faces surround mine.
They quell the fears,
Ease my agony into temporary oblivion;
My being fills with light,
If but fleetingly.

Twilight approaches,
The faces leave
And once more,
I am left to face the pain,
To embrace my beloved darkness.
Ever a timeless cycle,
This darkness….

Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron
February 8th, 2011.

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