A Few Randoms


Whispers of wailing cries travel through the unfeeling night, testimonies of hearts broken and dreams shattered, While gales of tornadoes blow uncaring laughter through the barren nights. Which one do you listen to??

 Cold stars shiver as love-struck humans warm the evening’s air and give light to the pitch-black sky ❤
Desire runs deep within the undesirable,Passion burns with hell-like flames within the unwanted. Hmmm…so what happens when the undesirable and unwanted are combined while the desirable are left out in the cold and the wanted are drenched with the ice of rejection?
Whenever discouragement threatens to freeze your dreams into inactivity during the dark of a despondent night, remember that the dawn always follows the night, exploding into brilliant colours that forever stain our retinas…;) 
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to see the death of a friendship, instead of the forging of stronger bonds. We stand before the box to put nails into the coffin of love. We face the hole to throw dirt and spit in the face of sacrifice. I sit with tears in my eyes(a wonder for me) before the grave of the most important thing in our lives as we repeat, “Ashes to Ashes, and Dust to Dust”. I whisper on my own, “a cord of Love is broken as tiny strings unravel.” Now fill the grave with our agony please.
Most touching of all is always the return of the trust of friendship, especially from one such as you.-The beauty of understanding
September 27,2011
I’ve acted like the fool for many long enough. Time to restart the engine and finish the race, without stopping to see if everyone else made it out of their pitstop.. -_-
Love is forgiving your mistakes without encouraging  and enabling your weaknesses, but instead strengthening you to do better today, tomorrow, for always.
Dreams are the threads that weave reality. The glue that holds those threads together is determination,  vision, hope.
Hope isn’t just believing, it’s going that final step, knowing someone else will be there to cheering you on as you try your best, against odds.
Sin-Lucifer’s deception; Man’s desire.
The wind of change blows quietly, bringing with it the quiet acceptance of realised truths…The wind tells me, “Now you understand it all. There was always love.”

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