For K …I ‘m not quitting on you (My last post for awhile)

Since this is for me….had to reblog it \_( “/)_/

Adurna Blue

You’re dying, you know that right?

Well of course you do,

You’re the one twisting the knife,

Deeper and deeper into the back of your life,

And yes I know,

It’s your life,

And you should have the prerogative

To do with it what you may

 But if you’re not using it as God intended,

Then you might as well give it back K


No I’m not suggesting suicide

I’m drastic but no, that’s wrong

I’m trying to make you see

Open your eyes fully

That these aren’t just the fleeting words

Of some sad country song,



I get it,

You like to wallow 

In self pity, darkness and shame

And you hate it when others feel bad for you

They should mind their own business

And let you do the same 

But you need to realise that you weren’t the first

Nor will be the last

To have demons, skeletons and…

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4 thoughts on “For K …I ‘m not quitting on you (My last post for awhile)

    • Because I prefer to post poetry and I usually write poetry to address my feelings. And since I don’t care to deal with any current feelings, I’m not posting. Plus, when I want to post at 2 and 3 in the morning I don’t have my laptop to do it. And I’m not in the mood to post my spring photography


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