Let You Go?

I made you my friend,

I trusted you with my secrets.

I delved into your soul,

Placed my heart in my hand

To search your hurt depths within,


In the darkened pools of your eyes.


I told you I loved you,

I made you my bestfriend

I struggled long, and hard-

To earn your treasured



I looked into your eyes,

I believed what I saw.

How could I not?

They seemed so full of love-

Made it all seem worth it,

So worth it at the time.

A friendship for a heart

A heart for a friendship.


You told me you loved me,

You made me your bestfriend

How then can you ignore me?

This so-called friend of yours?

You say that you’re busy-

I’ve never denied,

Your time isn’t all mine

After all, friends or not

Your life isn’t mine.


I just wonder,

I just need to know,

If I’m this precious friend of yours-

Why do you find it so hard-

To pick up the phone?

Does it prick you-

To send one little message?

Does it bother you-

To share your time with me?


I probably will never know;

I probably will never hear,

So it seems best to me,

To simply let you go.


Best friend you said.

Closest to your heart you claimed.


Easiest to forget you really meant.

Easiest to let go.


So it seems best to me,

To simply follow suit.

I can no longer grasp the ends.

I guess….

I should just let you go?


Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron

Monday, July 9, 2012.

14 thoughts on “Let You Go?

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I can really relate. I have struggled with this sort of thing in the past. People stopping reaching out. People stopping calling. It’s hard not to take it personally. I’m sorry that you are feeling hurt, but it sounds from what you’ve said that you have good reason to. Sometimes people can be very disappointing and unresponsive. Even the ones who you really care about and count on.

    I know that we are just friends online, but I do care and I am sending a smile and a hug your way. I’m sorry you are having to go through this.


    • Thank you<3<3<3 Sometimes, it feels like I'm struggling to hold together the ends of my friendships because we're all to busy having fun to see the ones we might lose in the making. But in this particular case, I'm still not sure where things stand, it was only a month ago that we were talking every day and now …….. -___-


  2. Bourbon says:

    That’s what I hate about people. They’re so hot and cold. On and off. I hate this unpredictability. I expect it in everyone, that’s my mothers teaching. I’m still waiting for th day my blogging friends turn around and leave. Not because I think they’re as bitchy to do that but because it’s the story of my life. I’m sorry you are goig thru this pain. It’s never easy losing a friend who you once spoke to everyday. But the pain gets easier. Promise. Xx


    • I just realised my comment never made through 😦 Sowwy! And I know what you mean, and which is why I’ve always tried to give my friends the benefit of the doubt, control my irrational ramblings. This time around, with regards to this particular person, I have lost patience with the fact that I have to do this “Oh he’s busy blah blah blah” thing again. I’m always trying to be understanding, but I’m learning that I have limits, and that I need them. So this poem is sort of a cleanser for me. 😀


      • Bourbon says:

        Exactly. As humans we have limits. How are you with assertiveness? Can you stand up for those limits to his face? My problem is I can’t. In the end people end up walking all over me and I just sit with a smile. Sorry my reply to this comment was a long time coming. As you know I’ve been in the thick of it for a while but I feel able to look outside myself for a bit now. That sounds selfish, but that’s my limit, perhaps :p x


      • Lol! You don’t need to apologise, you have alot to deal with. Assertiveness- well when I became more rebellious that followed suit 😉 I still have problems saying no though, and in his case I usually can’t say no (unless it’s against my morals), neither do I hold on to hurts, etc. but this time I’m simply fed up. In general though, people do still walk over me. It’s so troubling when I’m the one that causes everyone to take me for granted, and in my family’s case, misunderstand me.


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