An I miss you and a few dozen hugs:- for Sara, Bourbon

@ kyllingsara: The original Sara who began that blog. I miss you. Sometimes it makes me extremely sad when I think of how hard you struggled to rise above it all, only to be pulled under by everything inside of you. The stories you told of the horror you were forced to face, the lines of anger and hurt and fear that you let out as you were besieged with memories and body sensations. You fought hard. You really, really did.  I owe you a poem, an ode to your struggle, and one day it will be written, maybe with a happy ending? I can only hope and pray.

To the rest of the system, I hope that one day you guys find your way. I haven’t heard anything from the blog in a while and that makes me worried, and a whole lot scared, but I’m hoping that all of you are still around somewhere.

@Bourbon: You will pull through this. You won’t forget. But you will stand against the waves of pain and fear that always seem to control your life. There is only so far down a person can go, and as long as you’re willing, there will always be a way back up. Don’t give into the self-doubt. Don’t give into the urge to cave. Don’t gave in to the fear. Don’t let it take over your life. I hope it doesn’t seem as if I’m trivialising your struggles. I just really believe that you can and you will.

12 thoughts on “An I miss you and a few dozen hugs:- for Sara, Bourbon

  1. Bourbon says:

    Thank you xx thanks for such an uplifting message. I don’t feel you are trivialising things at all. You have faith in me and that’s so lovely. Thank you. It helps me to stand tall. I can’t say thanks enough. You’re a gem. Xox ps I miss Sara too.


    • Oh good! I was just telling another friend that one of the things that can be irritating at the least and extremely hurtful at the most is to have someone trivialise your feelings, even if it’s accidentally. I’m really glad that this helped at all. I love you Bourb <3<3<3


      • Me? Lovely? I’m barely on WP these days and you still call me lovely? That’s mighty sweet of you Bourb <3<3<3 I'm doing okay. Many distractions not enough time to think makes Kadeen a very happy girl. Plus we have this hurricane making my day even livelier. What about you? How are you doing right now? Slightly better?


    • The last I read, Sara had been submerged and a new alter was in charge. The new alter seemed to have some issues with men (understandably) and found her way of expressing it with promiscuity. At times even the new alter would blank out and allow others to take over to escape some of the experiences. She was then reprimanded by a few fellow bloggers for “proudly” practising adultery and this made her shift blogs and now I know nothing. 😦 That’s why I wrote this post, because I missed her

      Oh, and thank you 😀


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