The Devil Has A Sense Of Humour

Not many of you here on WordPress know that I identify as a Seventh- Day Adventist Christian. For those of you who are curious, it’s a denomination of Christianity that keeps Saturday as the Sabbath, and refrains from indulging in alcoholic beverages, “unclean” meats, abstains from wearing jewellery, etc. It’s a long story, which I’ll save for another time. Now normally when I enter the blogosphere, I don’t usually discuss my religious beliefs. That’s because I’ve always seen this blog as the one place where I can vent of sorts, and I’ve never felt much of a need to vent or purge in that particular area. Anyway, I just had to share what I considered a funny story from my side of the world.

We are currently having an evangelical series, and so that means for most of the week many of us who would like to be in bed are at church being reminded why precisely we believe in God. It’s a long and arduous task heading out every night, and for those of us who are actively involved in the actual service, the evenings are both bitter-sweet. In my particular case, I am among a group of young people who are responsible for ensuring that the technology runs well, and the service is video-taped. In short, we spend hours on our feet recording the service, staring at TV and computer screens ensuring that the camera feeds are usable, and being recorded properly on the DVD, etc. Well this particular night, we did it all as usual. Stood at the various cameras, adjusted audio and Easy Worship features, mixed, and followed the Pastor with our eyes like our lives depended on it. That meant that we were all pretty much paying attention to the service rather than pulling the modern thing of holding our cellies close to our face like they contained a life-giving supply of oxygen. As such, every moment of the service was recorded properly, the pastor hopped up and down like his pants were on fire, and the congregation–both visitors and members alike– were well in tune with what was going on. Ergo, when the altar call came (for “backsliders” to re-dedicate their lives, and the unsaved to make the commitment), a few members from our team made their way to the altar.

No one is perfect, and there is most definitely not any shame in acknowledging that professed Christians mess up, so we were all pretty much happy for our team members. When they made it back to the room after the prayer, things began to fall apart technologically. The DVD that we had spent all evening recording for the church members, refused to play after being finalised. We took it out, tried all over again. Nada. The online stream that we had posted too seemed to have decided not to play, and so we were left in limbo wondering if we would be able to salvage anything from there. Then when we tried to rescue the DVD from the DVD player the little sucker took ages to come out. We placed the DVD into the Mac desktop, and waited and waited to see if it would play there. Kuch nahin. So, when that didn’t work we decided to take out the DVD and check it again later. Guess what? The little sucker absolutely refused to exit the Mac desktop. Oh joy. -_- We just locked up and left it where it was. I got home and decided to write a blog post about the entire mishap, and guess what happened next? Believe it or not, my lappy crashed. Yeperie, you heard me (read me). The beezlebub of a delightful device decided to have a fainting spell in the middle of my attempt to write this post. At the end of it all, I simply came to the conclusion that Lucy boy ( my name for Lucifer aka Satan), was a bit unhappy that a couple of young people decided to take being more devoted to “moral” living more seriously.

Hopefully the DVD will decide to work by Tuesday. If not, we’ll have some very unhappy church folk this week 😉 I’m just going to be grateful that our equipment is still working (even if my lappy is taken ill). All’s well that ends well?

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