Collection of Randoms

Even when you make mistakes, never let anyone make you feel less than awesome, after all even gold starts off imperfect. -Kittya August 14, 2011.

The beauty of life can only be fully experienced via being yourself and loving who you are,while remaining compassionate to others. -Kittya August 14, 2011.

The friends you have should be kept close,but never stifled,let them live life with your full support. -Kittya November 7, 2011.

*Friends are good: so always cherish and respect them, because these are the people who love you so much that they put up with the worst of you. *Friends are good: especially because they are not required by blood or by law to love you or pick you up when you fall, yet they always do so. – Kittya November 7, 2011.

A future without vision is a dead past already, but a vision without drive means your present is dead. -Kittya November 20, 2011.

Every defining moment in history is governed by two choices: “Should I just stand by and watch?” or “Should I step up and truly fulfill my destiny?” -Kittya December 1, 2011.

Our time is now, there is no past, there will be no future, unless you embrace your vision. – Kittya December 1, 2011.

It’s a beautiful world if you look in the right place. Just like people are beautiful as long as you’re willing to look for the right things. – Kittya December 10, 2011.

Never let time forge ahead while you sit humbly on the tracks. Chances are, if you’re in the way, that train is going to run over you. Get on! – Kittya December 10, 2011.

No matter how much I love someone, there is always that distance I put up keeping us that final mile apart. One day, someone will cross it.- Kittya December 18, 2011.

Hope isn’t just believing, it’s going that final step knowing someone else will be there cheering you on as you try your best, against odds.- Kittya December 18, 2011.

Love is forgiving your mistakes without encouraging and enabling your weaknesses, but instead strengthening you to do better today. -Kittya December 18, 2011.

Dreams are the threads that weave our reality. The glue, that joins those threads together into one cloth, is determination, vision, hope. – Kittya December 20, 2011.

Sin– Lucifer’s deception; Man’s desires. – Kittya January 17, 2012.

Fluttering leaves fly once in life, lifted on great winds. You have the chance to fly forever if you open your wings and ride the wind. – Kittya January 17, 2012.

I have no regrets, because every mistake is the stepping stone to greatness. – Kittya January 23, 2012.

Friendship is so often confused with acquaintanceship. One is for benefits. The life-changing one involves sharing and caring. -Kittya January 23, 2012.

You will always be invincible. Only those who have no faith, and no belief can fail. It’s your choice. Will you open those wings and soar? – Kittya January 23, 2012.

Live for the moment, dance for the seasons, sing for the heck of it! But never forget or lose yourself while you’re doing so. – Kitty January 24, 2012.

A daily dose of wisdom is always better than an overdose of fun. Both will keep you happy, but only one will ensure long-term happiness. – Kittya January 31, 2012.

It’s how your tone of text and your tone of mood can vary so drastically. Only a real friend takes the time to realise the difference. -Kittya February 16, 2012.

Life is like music, slow, fast, sad, happy, all of it is beautiful and serves a purpose in this song. – Kittya February 16, 2012.

Being lonely will never be the worst feeling in the world, being forgotten, well, you tell me. -Kittya February 16, 2012.

From young we are taught deception by our parents without even realising. – Kittya February 21, 2012.

The right glasses, will help you see everything better, the right friends will make everything look better in a blurred world. -Kittya March 5, 2012. (Funny the lessons you learn when adjusting to a new pair of glasses ;-))

Rain may be falling from your eyes, but remember the sun can only come out when you smile. Look in the mirror and smile just for you. -Kittya April 27, 2012.

Sometimes the most beautiful things look worse than the decay of death when you’re up close and personal. Take a hint. Look twice, think twice. -Kittya April 27, 2012.

The longest journey has an end (not always in sight), but the shortest journey you will ever make is the first step forward. -Kittya April 27, 2012.

Dance like there’s no tomorrow.Sing like you own the world (in a soundproof room). Laugh like you haven’t a care in the world. Love with…..-Kittya April 30, 2012.

Speak your mind’s voice with a heart’s consideration and you will see the difference. -Kittya March 2, 2012.

Dilapidation…death of life amidst life.- Kittya March 11, 2013 (In honour of Dilapidation)


The moonlight tonight makes me think of home: blackouts, and quiet storytelling, hot snacks and those moments when you know folklore is true. March 24, 2012. (In the throes of writers’ labour)

Expectations are the death of a heart.- March 24, 2012.

The most troubling thing is sometimes the ineffectual voice with its important words. It’s as good as being struck mute.- April 12, 2013.

Nostalgia is one of life’s most tiresome and ambiguous emotions. It can make you smile with joy or grimace in agony.- April 12, 2013.

Each time your world falls apart, it lays the pillars for a stronger foundation, improved building skills, and the chance to enact a new vision. – April 14, 2013.

Every now and then, take a deep breath and realise that things could be worse. Much worse. Just. Breathe……-May 8, 2013.

Pages of Ink share a million memories, a billion experiences, and one chord:- the escape. – May 10, 2013.

Irony: A writer who detests certain content but still produces it to satisfy the audience’s desires. Write the way you love.- July 3, 2013.

Presenting the facade of perfection is the perfect beginning of insanity. Acquiring it proclaims you are insane. It’s the little steps……-July 5, 2013.

Standing at the edge of the cliff is a beautiful thing; fear only arrives with the realisation of death’s insidious closeness. Exhilarating…- July 5, 2013.

One of the most painful things in the world is the accidental delete. Now that is an agony that can take you to your knees. -July 6, 2013. (A Writer’s Woes, and a Photographer’s Nightmare)

Every now and then we remember expectations can be our greatest enemies. Sometimes though, we just can’t help ourselves.-September 22, 2013.

What matters isn’t if you can live without the person you love; rather can you live without doing the little things that make them happy? Can you live with the idea that you’ve missed a moment to make them feel better, or smile, or just offer a hug when words are meaningless? Weigh that against self-preservation and watch carefully for the scales’ decision. -September 27, 2013.

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