Desperately Searching for the Girl Inside

wpid-c360_2015-01-18-16-29-30-449.jpgI keep searching desperately for the right book,
The one that will make me feel again,
The words that will revive the girl inside,
The girl who once had a heart, and felt with this heart;
Yet, I know it’s a lesson in futility.
That girl is gone, Gone Girl on
A Walk To Remember, on this search
For My Sister’s Grave, where there once was a Safe Haven.
But instead of the Safe Haven,
There is only The Notebook, waiting with pen,
And paper for the words I still hope to find,
In the body that is mine, where this girl I once used to know
Felt inside.

Sabbath, November 1, 2014. 2.46 p.m.

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