There is none between our palms,
Because you refused to let go
When you squeezed my hand in farewell.

There is plenty of it between
My mother and I.

It is all taken up,
By the fragrance of your bath-wash,
Filling every breath I take.

The oceans I could not cross,
Although your pain was clear.

Always non-existent when I sat beside Adurna,
And she taught me how to love.

An Andromeda I discovered,
While your scent clung to my skin.

The loss my family knew,
When Gran did not remain.

“the space between us”:
A great book I once read,
Which became the story of us.

Monday, May 4, 2015. 01:33 hrs.
*An old prompt I took a little too seriously while browsing through The Poet’s Billow.*

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