A Prayer for Those Who Have Lost Much Today

for Tree of Life Synagogue, and the community that bears this


May you be gifted love, and comfort, in a world which

has sought to steal it from you with each generation;

May your heart be gifted the warm glow that lingers in the chest

after the tight grasp of a child’s hand;

And where grief has stolen that memory,

May you be gifted the soft memories of sunrises past, and present,

and to come, washing away a dark night;

May you be granted the assurance of safety that is coming home;

And where cruelty has stolen this memory,

May you find the presence of a friend, sitting beside you

in the willing sharing of a burden;

Where grief has made a home, may the hand of kindness grasp

your face with tenderness, and wipe your tears;

Where the silence you did not ask for, has taken residence in your chest,

may the lilting voices of those communing with you, ease it;

Where words are not enough, may touch, may the weight of a warm mug

being pressed into the palm, or the soft down of a blanket on the shoulders

take their place;

Where there is only a hole, a void that is difficult to fill,

An empty space, an empty chair, an empty bed, an empty jacket,

May you be given the strength to bear it,

until it becomes a room from which memories of light, of laughter, of joy,

of silly things that make the day pass, pour forth;

Where there is rage? May it not burn you, but burn away injustice, burn away

the things, the people, the systems that have made this world so;

May it not exhaust you, but revive you for the work that is to come.


May you not feel alone in this work, as you should not be in this mourning.




K.N.O.W. Saturday, October 27, 2018.

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