Clouds& Darkness: Contemplation On The Train Ride Home

When I’m lying in my bed,

I stare at the ceiling.

I lie there, cloaked in darkness.

Sometimes it chokes me,

At others, it holds me gently:


tenderly filling me with love and wisdom.

Those are the moments,

The beautiful ones in which the fan is whirring,

When my thoughts are roaming poetically,

Sometimes lyrically.

Those are the hours,

The minutes in time when I am “me”

The little one who loves

The girl who is neither afraid nor vulnerable,

Those are the nights

when I can feel love

coursing through my veins,

The temporary swing on the edge of the moon,

Traipsing on fluffy clouds.


Those cottony darlings who remind me of Sara,

Of friendship and cotton candy,

Late night blog posts

Weaving threads and connections.

It  is when I’m lying in my bed

With the creamy-light ceiling above me,

Showing me words and answers–

With memories and impressions,

Those midnight hours through the 3 a.m. musings,

That I love and hate the darkness.

Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron

Thursday, September 12, 2013. 21.34hrs

Sugar Clouds And Time Travel – In honour of my invocation as an Honorary Sugar Cloud Member

A little burst of limerick. I think it went like this (in a singsong voice):

There was a girl who had a friend

Who lived in a place called Sugar Cloud land!

In this land

This brilliant friend

Wore some jeans

With a really tight band.

Now this girl was super hot

In some jeans

That were super snug.

The super snug jeans were so tight

They squeezed her tight like a garbage compact (?)

These compact jeans had her tucked so tight

Till she feared she might simply combust.

So her friend suggested that she take a trip

Take some time travel in a magic spaceship

To a land of candy where the dewdrops drip

And take a dip in some magic cool whip!!!!!