Ponderance Upon Love

Ponderance Upon Love – 2008 the completion of the IT class trilogy 

I look out the window
And think
About the words
Of my friend.
Actually, it’s not what she said
But what she wrote.
It was about love, emotions, the heart.

Love, what a funny creäture.
Something God created to tease us with.
A tickle here, a laugh there, a touch here.
But it’s a beautiful creäture.
Always raising its golden head
In our presence,
Never just mine!
Come back once fair-haired creäture.
I’ll stop myself
Of everything
If you do.
I think.

Kadeen N.O. Waldron


Daydreams- 2008 once again in IT, same class

I look at the sky
and think of you.
I look at the clouds
and I remember you.
I listen to the wind
and I feel you.
Will you ever be mine?
I feel so unworthy of you sometimes,
I wish we would talk just once.
Do you ever dream of me?
Do you whisper my name?
Do you tell your friends about me?

I sit listening to the birds,
Looking at the sky,
Watching the vibrant colours
Of the trees’ leaves
Drifting gently with the clouds
And I think of you.

Kadeen N.O. Waldron

Four Hearts

Four Hearts – IT 2008 (during binary, etc.)

Four hearts, one choice
One girl, three boys.
One life, only one chance.
It’s so confusing.
I’m all twisted up inside.
Do any like me?
Do I love any of them?
If I get one, will I be happy?

There’s a saying,
“Be careful what you wish for”;
But how can you
When you don’t even know
That you’re wishing?
Sometimes you don’t even know what to wish for.

I think I may love one,
But does he love me?
I yearn for his touch, his kisses, his words,
his breath lingering on my skin.
I yearn for him to feel my touch, my kisses, hear my words.

And I think I like another
But he scares me
Because he understands me.
Yet I must love at least a little the other;
For he was once a part of me on a distant shore.
But that was long ago.
Why do I keep thinking of that time?
But what about the one I think I love?
We were friends so long, can we move on?

One life, one chance.
One girl, three boys.
Four hearts.

Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron