Old Rhythm Returns?

Today, I started writing, and I noticed the Old Rhythm* had come back,
And where once I had expected great joy to escape
On seeing that my words no longer resembled sharp blades,
or blunt clubs,
All I felt was disappointment,
Because I knew what it really meant,
And I know what it means.

It means the walls have come tumbling down,
And the gilded bars from the old cage** I once spoke of,
Have been turned into pretty curlicues
On a beautifully decorated house;
And then I noticed that this house, housed
No façades, and a Human*** really did reside within it.

Still, it all made me frown,
For every beauty is fleeting,
And new structures eventually venture
To Dilapidation****;
So, until then new Old Rhythm,
I’ll watch you carefully,
With my upside-down frown.

Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron
Friday, April 24, 2015. 13.25 hours.

* Rhythm
** Liberation


Heat that feels like ice

Water: like the arid desert floor

Devil – like innocence

Thinly veiled cynicism;

That’s the world to me.

There is no relationship that matters

Every link is a cord that binds

A bondage of mutual benefit

A benefit of hidden malice

Poison ivy- covered envy

Beautiful to the inexperienced

Poisonous to the naive babe

Delicious apple to the sweet witch.


I hope so

Cause that’s the way it is.

There is no comprehension

No cohesion for the weak minded

Just an insane concoction,

Of fake feelings

False words

And leering lust.

No love.

Mother to child?


Yea, right!

Can a person love her rival?

Can the mentor impart the real-

The real thing?


Cause we’re all detached

There ain’t no love

Just selfish grabbing.

There ain’t no trust

Just contract sharing.

Watch yourself,

We’re all detached

Trust no one

Not even yourself.

Cause there’s no cure

No cure but love

And love ain’t there

Cause there’s a detachment.

New voice for the moment

Feel the vibe that I’m sending?

Hear the words pouring out of the mouth that I’m using?

No solid position

No consistent involvement

Not a passion to feel

Not a feeling to burn.

I’m sorry

The detachment may go

It may come

Can you fight it?

Can you save yourself

When I just filled your thoughts with my poisonous spout?


Change voice again

Another rhythm for the flow

Another flow for the rhythm.

Don’t be fooled

This has no reason

Just a mindless splurge

From an unamused voice

See the way I keep pulling

Pushing you in circles?

Can’t follow can you?

Got you all over this place

Reading a rant that’s got no reason

No season

Nor sense.

Like I said

Sorry for the detachment

Save yourself if you can

Maybe if you found an anchor with a chain?

Oh s88t wait!

I just cut the chain


Now you really are detached

All cause you followed the mindless raving

Of a crazy young mind.


No need to freak.

I’ll send you the tie

The bind that can save you.

Here’s the life line:

Take a risk

Live your life


You don’t need none in return


You don’t need no gifts in your hand

Lend a hand

Someone else will pull out the other

Clean the s88t

Don’t let your foot stay stuck in it

Wipe your eyes

That’s precious water for a life

No need to be detached

No need to be afloat

I just gave you the line

Now it’s your turn

Either take my crazy spiel

Or sink in the cold cold filth.

Love ya.

Words of nonsense from a cynic to the world.

Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron

Thursday, March 15, 2012.

*boredom at the office