I’m in all this pain

Just don’t know where it’s coming from

You know that feeling you get?

When it feels like your chest

Is just burning up inside;

When you feel so much

You just can’t stand anymore.

The kind of pain

That swirls and spins

All misty-like

Seeping and Pouring

Catching you off-guard

A sharp stab here

Dull ache there

Knocking you out

Without the joy of anaesthesia.

The kind you get

When you lose someone dear

Or that agony you feel

When stuff just gets too real?

You know the kind of pain you feel?

When you’re all numb inside

The kind of tear in your heart

When you need open heart surgery?

You know the kind of pain

When you feel misunderstood?

Then there’s that kind

Where you just feel forgotten

Or the kind where you stick your foot in your mouth

And hurt someone;

How about the time you hurt the one you love?

Double the blow,

Ain’t that so?

I guess if you’re reading this

You do know.


Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron

June 21, 2012