Sun, Sand, Sea

My literal Land of Sun, Sand,& Sea-Antigua (compliments of anonymous user)

Sun, Sand, Sea

The land of sun, sand and, sea
Is where we first fell;
You tripped, and I caught you.
The sun our sign, the sea our element,
The sand our bed.

The warmth of the sun
I felt truly, within the beauty of your eyes;
Their milk – chocolatey brown
Swimming with flecks of amusement,
And liquid with adoration.

My heart trembled within me
At the sound of your voice.
The closeness of your skin to mine
Was the source of unfulfilled desires.
The untasted sweetness
Of your soft, warm lips
Melted my resistance;
The walls between us slowly crumbled,
My fort becoming desolate.
All that remained between us
Was the sea.

Vulnerable, we sit beneath the stars.
The warmth of the road
A constant reminder of our sign.
I look at the twinkling stars above us
As you look at me.
The words leave your lips
And like your heartbeat
Follows my response.

Separately, the land of sun,sand and sea
we leave behind.
The return to the native land is
sorrowfully joyful.
The distance is born.
Unexpectedly, a greater distance appears. (,unexpectedly)

As the sun slowly disappears each day without contact,
I lose faith in our sign.
As the tides of the seas go out,
So does my water–
My life–
Slowly drain away.
The walls of the fortress
Are painstakingly rebuilt.
All hope of your return fades.
The sand is washed away;
Carried from beneath me
Upon the tides…

Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron ❤
February 9th, 2011-01.14 a.m

Ponderance Upon Love

Ponderance Upon Love – 2008 the completion of the IT class trilogy 

I look out the window
And think
About the words
Of my friend.
Actually, it’s not what she said
But what she wrote.
It was about love, emotions, the heart.

Love, what a funny creäture.
Something God created to tease us with.
A tickle here, a laugh there, a touch here.
But it’s a beautiful creäture.
Always raising its golden head
In our presence,
Never just mine!
Come back once fair-haired creäture.
I’ll stop myself
Of everything
If you do.
I think.

Kadeen N.O. Waldron