Four Count Rest.

There are sirens constantly blaring,
Near this place I learned to call home;

The night air is chilly, like it reeks–
Old winter-breath, touched with decaying frost-bite.

The fridge trudges on: 

Foot-steps mechanical-sounding in the artificial silence I’ve created with the remote;

A lone dog howls,
Motor-cycles roar by,

But in all this symphonic malarkey,
My phone is awkwardly mum–

No fancy two-beat.
Merely the hanging coffin,
Of the long four count rest.

Sunday, May 3, 2015. 23:32 hrs.

She Croons.

She Croons

Lines in quotation marks sourced from “The Lonely” by Christina Perri.

“Dancing slowly

in an empty room

Can the lonely take the place of


I sing myself a quiet lullaby…”

She croons in my ear;
I cannot turn the music off–
It would be too quiet;
And then,
just maybe,
I’d have to turn the T.V. off,
but then it would be dark–
too dark–
And I don’t know how to play in the dark anymore.
So maybe I’ll cry instead,
I never cry.
So I guess,
I guess I’ll stay in aching limbo;
And maybe,
Just maybe,
She’ll croon ’til the ache is gone,
Or ’til the tears
And the sky is bright.
Or maybe,
Just maybe,
I’ll learn to play in the dark again.

“Dancing slowly

in an empty room,

Can the lonely take the place of


Monday, June 9, 2014 01.31 hours

Lines in quotation marks sourced from “The Lonely” by Christina Perri.


I have this desire to sit with a conclave of writers,

drinking my warm beverage of the hour,

just speaking of books, poetry, prose, music, words.

I want to be somewhere warm,

Where the sun kisses my skin

and the leaves tremor on their branches,

while we share the magic of sky and clouds;

And while I stare whimsically at the sun,

blinded by its rays of brilliant vision,

I want nothing more than for the words of beauty to soar;

And in their soaring,

freed on wings of delight,

I’ll glide,

and perhaps I’ll smile,

airy and light,

unfettered and bright,


Gleaming rays touching despondency,

and offering “radiancy”.


the irony of today

is not lost on me

from my seat beneath cloud-hidden sun.

Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron.

October 3, 3013.

October 3, 2013.