Have you ever seen wood rot before your eyes?

Ages and years fall apart before their time?

Grand rises of opulence and light

Dim slowly in the presence of sun and life?


It’s funny isn’t it?

The way life fades even with the hands of nurture

How dust collects even as the world moves round and round

How shadows fall and eyes stare wide and blank

Even as the heart takes more and more.


I’ve seen it today.

Well, I’ve seen it always.


Watched as the lights dimmed.

Listened as the voices grew hoarse.

Grimaced as the dark circles grew.

Those abominable bags that won’t go away.


Sick of mind, and soul and body.

So they say.

Young yet.

So they say.

Everything ahead of you.

So they say.


Yet like the world before

And the world after

They will stand and see

See with clarity and worry

As the death slips in between the life

Whisper silent prayers

As the unseen disease burns behind dull eyes.


T’ is dilapidation.

Death of life amidst life.



Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron

Sunday, March 10, 2013 6.38 p.m.