On Endings.

What has often bothered me, is not the ending of things, but the ease with which I’ve seen perfectly beautiful journeys destroyed for the littlest of things. It is the loss of what should have been, could have been, and now will never be. And the saddest part of it all, is that you never notice until that time has gone. Perhaps it is why I’ve always done my best to glue things back together again, but release is the sweetest peace, in and of itself.


[Sometimes, I tell myself]

I know you better than I know me.
I’ve seen your thoughts, and heard your fears;
There are times, perhaps, when I’ve even been more afraid than you;
More afraid for you:
Afraid that you’d never see what I see–
The colour of your soul
(Sunshine-yellow, tainted round the edges in bitter-black)
Just a little smudged in crimson near the centre.

Yes, I’ve been concerned;
I am concerned:
That this battle you’ve fought
(This battle you are fighting),
Would take from you all that’s yours;
It’s hard to recall that this battle is after all only yours–
Difficult to mind my manners, and my tone, in this war of sorts;
The kind of war we once fought side by side,
‘Cept, now we’re enemies, with our guns drawn:
Snipers holding our breaths ’til the air’s gone, and the wind is right…

So yes, I’ve wanted freedom:
(Craved liberation till I could no longer think, or feel or function),
But not from you, only from these cages we’ve trapped ourselves in:
Titanium bars with platinum locks–
Cage “Don’t give”, and Prison “Don’t take”.

So yes, maybe I do want liberation,
But not from you, only from these bars.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014. *During the last minutes of Theories of Personality*